About Us

India is a land of enthusiastic people who are very conscious about a kind of wheels they possess. Being people of style and hailing from a rich royal culture, their taste for their ride is conditioned accordingly. When we talk about a drive for adventure, Indians have no dearth of it. Indian likes to drive Vintage Jeeps or go on an expedition on an off-roading vehicle; however, since these beauties come to dear prices, not everyone is able to realize one’s dream. Considering these factors, GR Customs has stepped into the market to ensure you ride the Jeep, Gypsy or bike of your dreams at prices that would suit your pocket.

We at GR Customs are committed to restoring these worn out beauties to their original glory. Creating diamonds out of roughs is our forte.

GR Customs are here at your service to ensure your beauty remains evergreen and probably even better forever.